Bespoke was cultivated with a unique mix of skills and passion. Having spent her childhood in a salon, Kelsi, owner of Bespoke, made use of her natural talents in vision and design. At 13 years old owning a salon of her own became her objective. Days after graduating from high school, she enrolled at Sam Brown’s Institute of Cosmetology in Columbia - a 2011 alum. 

The concept of owning an intimate space, slowly grew into a business plan and a dream come true. By Fall 2016, with three tiny humans under the age of 4, Kelsi broke ground and Bespoke started to evolve. A floor plan sketched out on her kitchen table came together piece by piece and the small town girl from Shelbina, MO launched Bespoke Hair Company at 25 years old. 

The idea of creating an establishment that was unrivaled by other salon companies was the fuel behind “from the ground up”. Walls that were warm and welcoming and a team that empowered not only their guests but their peers. A salon home that would remain free of drama, judgment and the inability to try another artist without conflict. 

Kelsi and the Bespoke family of artists continue the original Bespoke legacy, crafting a unique salon environment ready to show what they can do with five styling chairs. They’re not running a franchise, they’re creating results that lead to killer hair goals and a passionate team that effortlessly models heart-led leadership and willingly pass it on to others.

 It allows us to inspire, encourage, and influence the world of hairdressers and the “norm” for salon environment

unfiltered authenticity

pure and genuine 

grew into a business plan

a dream come true

a concept of INTIMACY 

from "the ground up"

welcome home babe

an UNRIVALED establishment 

a unique salon experience


the original Bespoke

let us prove it to you

heart-led leadership

resulting in killer hair goals,