Service prices and availability vary according to the level of the service provider. All service providers at our facility have been through our associate training program and undergo continuing education frequently.

What does that mean? At our home, no matter who services your beauty goals you will experience fluidity and consistency in verbiage, technique and how you're loved during AND after your reservation!

Choosing just ONE of us as your "Stylist" is going to be your biggest challenge - we all will have our hands in your hair!


Bespoke Hair Company is more than just "a salon" we're determined to provide you with exceptional results and repeated satisfaction through the consistency of our level system and mutual empowerment.  



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Kelsi is the proud visionary and proprietor of Bespoke Hair Company LLC.

A 2011 Sam Brown Institute alum, she has worked  a decade to build a loyal guest community in the heart of Columbia, MO. She is well-known for an innate artistry which sets her apart as a hair colorist. From glossy brunettes to bombshell blondes, Kelsi pays specific attention to enhancing natural skin pigmentation and facial structure. Her sleek, effortless, and adaptable hair creations complement each guest's personal style, leaving them looking refreshed and feeling confident. Kelsi is trained and certified in multiple disciplines and styles of permanent cosmetic art and is becoming an industry leader in semi-permanent eyebrow services.

Certified Everlasting Brows Artist - Proud ambassador and user of Everlasting Brows Products and inks


meet kelsi

level 5 | microblading professional

Nicole is an OG to Bespoke. Having gotten her start as an artist at the Paul Mitchell Institute Springfield and shortly after became Bespoke’s very first Associate. Nicole brings a signature brand of flair to Bespoke, as well as to her loyal guests. She’s passionate about providing an exceptional guest experience and bringing hair goals to life with creative color techniques. A true expert in airbrush makeup with nearly 5 years of experience, having participated in New York Fashion week. Nicole’s work is defined by her meticulous attention to detail and also by her versatility; she’s just as adept at helping her guests achieve effortless beauty as she is with innovating edgy new styles. 

Redken Specialist and Bellami Certified Professional


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level 4

McKenzie (Kenzie as we all know her) has drawn inspiration and crafted her artistic expression right from the beginning, as a Bespoke Associate. Kenzie has an affinity for designing unique, yet, natural styles through her love of continuous education. As a Paul Mitchell alumni, she has learned to combine her skills from multiple lines to become a well-rounded guest expert. Her robust skills-set has afforded her the ability to seamlessly transition from flawless color to versatile hair styles, specializing in brunettes. Depending on the guests needs, she is able to provide and educate an array of treatments that help her enhance individuals’ hair goals. In addition to color and design, she also specializes in extensions. Kenzie strives to create a fun and relaxing environment that is sure to leave the guest feeling elevated with a revived sense of confidence delivering killer results! 

Redken Specialist and Bellami Certified Professional


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level 3

Without losing her small-town charm, Brittany has always drawn inspiration from the bombshell looks of every beach babe. She began her hair journey at the Paul Mitchell Institute and furthered top-tier training soon after, gaining valuable experience as a Bespoke Associate. Through her versatile experience, Brittany adopted an impressive skill set of being able to incorporate various techniques to craft the most beautiful hairstyles that play to each individual's’ unique desires. Britt thrives off of genuine guest experience and positive salon culture. Her artistry has been recognized by many with an impressive guest list to prove it. Brit works collaboratively with her guests to find a goal look that will enhance their natural locks and surely elevate their confidence - with consultations as her strong suit your needs will always be met! She is committed to ensuring that every client leaves feeling more beautiful than when they walked in.

Redken Specialist 


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level 2

Kelsy (2.0 as some call her) has a true knack for tailoring the perfect look for her guests, and joined the Bespoke team as the next step in her solid and successful career. Having completed her education at the Salon Professional Academy in St Louis, she chose Bespoke as her home and executed the Associate Program. She is known for her contagious smile, killer style and the ability to transform any canvas with a balayage or foliage. Her success rests on a solid guest experience from start to finish of highly technical and visually stunning creations, which she custom tailors to each of her babes.

Redken Specialist and Bellami Certified Professional


meet kelsy

level 2

Haley is our Lash and Brow Professional not to mention our Guest Specialist. She is almost always the first face you’ll see and speak to when you enter our home. She’s a little ray of light and our artists right hand when it comes to helping out around the salon. A firm believer that people should notice the woman and not the makeup, she boasts an unparalleled talent for enhancing her clients’ natural beauty with precisely the right color palette.
She completed her apprenticeship under the proprietor, Kelsi Little, and easily developed a refined eye for detail very early on in her career. Specializing in Microblading and shading, as well as lash lifts/tints, brow henna and brow lamination. Still, it’s her unique sense of creativity and style—much of which is inspired by the simple beauty in everyday life—that truly sets her apart from her peers, giving her the ability to create the perfect set of brows or lashes for each guest she works with. 

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brow, lash & skincare professional 

Ashlee is another one of our Columbia natives! Having known team leader Kelsi … She has a love for blonding services, but recently brondes and brunettes have stollen her heart. She found her love for styling early in life and completed her hours of Cosmetology post highschool at a private institute formally known as Sam Brown’s Institute. She holds a very special place in the Bespoke family and has diligently taken the time to learn and extend her training under the guidance of her sisters at Bespoke. 

meet ashlee

level 1

Morgan - “just a small town girl” captured the hearts of her Bespoke family right from the start! Raised in Louisiana, MO her ambition lead her to the Paul Mitchell Institute and since then she has never looked back! 
Her excitement for color and acute sense of placement make for seamless highlights, babylites, and soft balayage. She also excels in vivid color application and traditional hair design. Morgan is an amazing communicator with a heart of gold, the second you meet her you’ll understand why she is such a crucial asset to our salon home. 

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level 1

Grace is a talented artist originally from Quincy, Illinois who now calls Columbia home - she has a passion for low maintenance color and design building confidence since graduating Paul Mitchell the School. Grace’s favorite part of Bespoke is socializing with people from diverse backgrounds, and becoming a small part of their story. She loves getting to know her guests and making them feel great about themselves.

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level 1

Not your average drooling slob of a junkyard dog named Hooch. But definitely “Bespoke’s” best friend - and soon to be yours! It isn’t a home without a heartbeat at your feet. 

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the ladies man

Our Associate Program is a comprehensive hands-on experience that provides training in the areas of technical skills, guest handling and business building.

Our Associates work with one dedicated service provider to grow into a career hairdresser. Like our service providers, our Associate Program has a performance based level system. There are 4 levels. Each level has specific skill sets that are the focus of training for that level only. With each level jump there is a raise in hourly wage and the opportunity to move up to the next level.

The salon provides an environment for growth, learning and support. It is our commitment that every associate graduates from our program with a seamless transition from associate to stylist with the skills necessary for success in our industry. We are always on the lookout for potential associates with passion, eagerness to learn and a willingness to be trained and coached.
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Let us prove we're the boldest business out there. 

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